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Other Compositions by Peter Smith

Amateur and church groups are welcome to perform these works without charge, but the composer would be pleased to be informed about any performances.
For professional performance,  please
contact the composer.



Sir Christèmas (2 min)

Vocal score (pdf)                                        Computer-generated performance (mp3)

O Sacrum Convivium (1 min)
Written in consecutive fourths.  

Vocal score (pdf)                                        Computer-generated performance (mp3)

I Sing of a Maiden (2 mins)
For boys' or ladies' choir (SSA). MP3 recorded in December 2010 by the ladies of Wimbledon Chamber Choir conducted by the composer.

Vocal score (pdf) MP3


Breathe on Me, Breath of God (2 mins)

Vocal score (pdf) Computer-generated performance (mp3)


Rorate Coeli (5 mins)
MP3 recorded in December 2013 by Wimbledon Chamber Choir conducted by the composer.

Vocal score (pdf) MP3



Five Shakespeare Sonnets for Chorus and Small Orchestra (strings, oboes, horns) (13 mins)

Full score (pdf)                                        Computer-generated performance (mp3)

Benedicite (8 mins)
Written for Wimbledon Chamber Choir's birthday concert in 2016, which included Tallis's Spem in Alium with a large number of guest singers, this piece is laid out for a central choir, which does most of the work, plus two ripieno choirs. The ripieno parts had to be learnt on very little rehearsal, and so were kept very simple. The recording was made at that concert on 16 April 2016 by the augmented Wimbledon Chamber Choir and Catherine Boxall (organ) conducted by the composer.  

Vocal score (pdf)                                        MP3

Midnight Clear (17 mins)
Five settings of Christmas carol words for chorus, soprano solo, strings and harp. MP3's recorded in December 2012 with Wimbledon Chamber Choir, Anna Rajah (soprano) and Keziah Thomas (harp) conducted by the composer.

Full score (pdf) 1. O come all ye faithful (mp3  - 3mins )
  2. This Endris Night (mp3 - 4 mins)
  3. While Shepherds Watched (mp3 - 2 mins)
  4.  It Came upon the Midnight Clear (mp3 - 5 mins)
  5.  Unto us  a Boy is Born (mp3 - 3 mins)

O Magnum Mysterium (4 mins)
For soprano solo, choir and organ.


From East to West (3 mins)
For choir and harp. MP3 recorded in December 2010 by Wimbledon Chamber Choir with Keziah Thomas (harp) conducted by the composer.


On Christmas Night (2 mins)
For choir and organ. 


Magnificat (3 mins)
For choir and organ. 



Variations on "Three Merry Men of Kent"  (7 mins)
MP3 recorded in July 2004 in All Saints, Tudeley, Kent, played by the composer, and preceded by the eponymous folk tune sung by the gentlemen of Wimbledon Chamber Choir.

Score (pdf) MP3


Toccata (6 mins)
MP3 recorded on 25 February 2017 played (not entirely accurately!) by the composer on the organ of Penge Congregational Church.

Score (pdf) MP3