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See and Hear - Complete Opera

The scores are the full orchestral score, in pdf format. They are designed to be printed on A3 paper, (though legible at A4 size ) and are best viewed in portrait mode if your screen allows it. The sound files are quite large, and it's usually better to download them rather than streaming them. The libretto is in Word format.

Act 1

A young sailor Edmond Dantès, returns from sea to celebrate his betrothal and marriage to Mercédès . His three supposed friends, who are jealous ofhis success, plot against him. During the betrothal celebration, Dantès is arrested on trumped-up charges.


Act 1 score (pdf) Act 1 sound (mp3 - 82MB, 59mins )


Act 2

Dantès has been unjustly imprisoned in the Château d'If for fourteen years. His cell mate is an old priest, Abbé Faria. Faria, realising that he is close to death, gives to Dantès the details of a horde of hidden treasure on the island of Monte Cristo. Faria dies, and Dantès manages to escape by substituting himself for Faria's corpse.

Act 2 score (pdf) Act 2 sound (mp3 - 48MB, 30 mins)


Act 3

Having escaped from the Château d'If, Dantès has travelled widely, in the process gathering information about those who caused his imprisonment. Now returning to France, and having taken the title of Count of Monte Cristo, he vows revenge against them. He finds ingenious ways to bring about their demise. But his revenge comes at a cost: two innocent lives are also lost. At the end of the opera, he and Mercédès agree that their love can never be revived, and agree to go their separate ways.


Act 3 score (pdf) Act 3 sound (mp3 - 120MB, 90 mins)


Complete Libretto

The libretto makes no claims to literary merit!       Libretto (doc)